General FAQ

Q. Do I need to book a visit to the cat lounge ahead of time?

A. Walk-in visits are available. However, we have a limited capacity in our cat lounge, so we suggest booking ahead of time. Walk-in space is on first-come, first-served availability.

Q. Is there parking at the cafe?

A. We do not have dedicated parking for the cafe, but there is usually plenty of street parking nearby.

Q. Is there an age restriction for the cat lounge?

A. Visitors to the cat lounge must be 8 years or older. Children under 8 are welcome to stay in the coffee room and watch the cat lounge through the large viewing windows.

Q. Where do the cats come from?

A. We foster cats from our partner Regional Animal Services of King County.

Q. Are the cats spay/neutured and vaccinated?

A. Yes, all cats have been neutered or spayed and vaccinated at the shelter.

Q. Are all the cats adoptable?

A. We have 5 resident cats who live in the cat lounge permanently, but all of the rest are adoptable. Check Our Cats page for updates on adoptable cats in the "Traveler Felines" section.

Q. How do I adopt a cat from Seattle Meowtropolitan cat cafe?

A. Please fill in an adoption interest form and indicate which cat(s) you would like to adopt in the cafe. Some cats may have multiple applicants, so we will update you on their adoption status.

Q. Why are the cats sleeping during my visit?

A. Cats are creatures that require a lot of sleep, and they can sleep anywhere from 14 to 18 hours a day.

Booking FAQ

Q. What if I am late for my booking?

A. At 10 minutes past your booking hour, we will open your spot(s) for walk-in(s).

Q. Can I cancel or reschedule my booking?

A. There are instructions to cancel or reschedule in your "Visit Confirmation" email.

Q. Is it possible to book the cat lounge for a special event?

A. Yes. Please contact for details.

Q. What if I have a gift card for a pre-paid cat lounge visit?

A. Bring it to the cafe and we can process it at the register.

Q. Can I bring my own cat to Seattle Meowtropolitan?

A. Unfortunately, we do not allow outside cats in the cafe due to health and safety concerns.

Q. Can my child under 8 years old enter the cat lounge? What if my child is an extra special cat whisperer?

A. We do not make exceptions to our age policy.

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