Guardians of the Meowtropolitan

Our crews at Seattle Moewtropolitan are composed of a team of energetic, cat-loving professionals. Our mission to create a joyful, comfortable environment for both you and our cats.

Our Big Cat (store manager) ensures that every single elements within our store is operating smoothly. The Coffee Alchemists (baristas) are crafted artisans who can decorate your cups of joe with cute kitty Latte art. Our Lord Commander of the Cat Watch (cat lounge manager) leads our Feline Guardians in keeping our cats safe and sound. And our Feline Guardians are knowledgeable cat lovers and your perfect guidance for any cat-related questions when you are here at the cat lounge. We are a group of warm, welcoming people, so feel free to chat with us when you visit.

Reid O'Donnell
Reid O'Donnell Lord Commander of the Cat Watch
Kelsey Jonsson
Kelsey Jonsson Feline Guardian
Sofie Danford
Sofie Danford Feline Guardian
Louisa Liu
Louisa Liu Feline Guardian
Dana Hill
Dana Hill Coffee Alchemist
Tiffany Schlabs
Tiffany Schlabs Coffee Alchemist
Tessa Pargiter-Hatem
Tessa Pargiter-Hatem Coffee Alchemist
Sydney Louise
Sydney Louise Coffee Alchemist
Alexei Cifrese
Alexei Cifrese Coffee Alchemist
Matt Lai
Matt Lai Coffee Alchemist
Andrew Hsieh
Andrew Hsieh Ghost Cat
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